Dont Wanna Try Acoustic

Frankie J

Song: Don't Wanna Try Artist: Frankie J 4/16/05
This acoustic version is from Sessions @AOL. The whole song is played with two guitars but the intro only has one guitar playing. This melody is not only played in the intro but throughout the song. I heared the song today and i figured this part out in an hour. I'm satisfied with just figuring this part out but I might figure out the rest. The chorus and the bridge have the chords somewhere around C D Em (the finger placement for this picking). try and figure out the rest! Standard Tuning Capo on 1st fret! Note: strum Em from e to E (strum up).

Part I e|------------0----0---------------------------------------------| B|----3--3---3-3-3-0---------------------------------------------| G|---0-0--0-2---2--0---------------------------------------------| D|--2---2--0-------2---------------------------------------------| A|-3---------------2---------------------------------------------| E|-----------------0---------------------------------------------| Part II e|------------0--------0-----------------------------------------| B|----3--3---3-3-3----0-0---3---3--------------------------------| G|---0-0--0-2---2----0---0---2-----------------------------------| D|--2---2--0--------2------0---0---------------------------------| A|-3---------------2---------------------------------------------| E|----------------0-------2---3----------------------------------|

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