Am e|-----------------------------------------| B|------0-0-0h1-1-1-1p0-0-0-0h1-1-1-1p0-0--| G|--2-2----2-------2-------2-------2-----2-| D|---2-2-2-------2-------2-------2-----2---| A|-0---------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------|
F e|-----------------------------------------| B|------0---0h1-1-1-1p0-0-0-0h1-1-1-1------| G|--2-2---2--------2-------2-------2-------| D|-3-3-3-3-3-----3-------3-------3---------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------|
G e|-----------------------------------------| B|----0----1-0---0-------------------------| G|--0----0-----2---------------------------| D|---0--0-0--------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------| E|-3---------------------------------------|
Once the G column finishes it goes back to the Am column...
Intro=Am,F,G Verse=C,G,Am,F,G,Am Chorus=Am,F,G
Throughout the song the Am chord is played with the B-string at fret 1 and 0 alternatively...

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