Halos Of The Son


Band: Fuel Song: Halos of the Son Album: Angels & Demons Music & Lyrics: Toryn Green, Carl Bell, Jeff Abercrombie
Tabber: Shore Mail: choreman_007@hotmail.com (For any doubts)
The music and lyrics of this song belong to the band, I'm transcripting it.
Well here it is to my opinion one of the best songs in the new album, although Bret Toryn's vocals are still powerful and strong, and in this song we can hear that, so here it Listen to the song to get it right. This is my first tab so please rate it. Tuning: Drop C = C G C F A d
b = bend . = palm mute / = slide
Electric - Clean d|-----------------|-----------------|--------------|---------| A|-----------------|-----------------|--------------|---------| F|------7----------|------5----------|------7-----9-|----9----| C|----7----7-----7-|----5----5-----5-|----7----7----|--7---7--| G|--5----------5---|--3----------3---|--5-----------|---------| C|-----------------|-----------------|--------------|---------| . . . .
d|-----------------|-----------------|--------------| A|-----------------|-----------------|--------------| F|------7----------|------5----------|------7----9b-| C|----7----7-----7-|----5----5-----5-|----7----7----| G|--5----------5---|--3----------3---|--5-----------| C|-----------------|-----------------|--------------| . . . .
Another guitar does this with some kind of volume swell effect, while the part above is Listen to the song to get this right.
d|--13----12--------------------------13----12------| A|-------------15---13--13-13---15---------------15-| F|--------------------------------------------------| C|--------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------| C|--------------------------------------------------|
Heavy Riff Then comes the heavy part(Listen to the song to get the right strum pattern)
d|------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------| F|---------------------------------7--------------| All this repeat x4 C|---------------------------------7--------------| G|---------------------------------5--------------| C|--0---0--0-0--0---0-0-0-0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0-| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
At the end of repeat 4 play this
d|-----| A|-----| F|-----| C|--0--| Let it ring G|--0--| C|--0--|
Verse Only Drums and Toryn's Voice
Pre-Chorus (Listen to the song so you can get it right)
d|------------| A|------------| F|--5----X--7-| C|--5----X--7-| G|--3----X--5-| C|------------|
d|-----------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------| F|-----7--------7--7------10-------10-10--/5---5--5--5--5--5-| C|-----7--------7--7------10-------10-10--/5---5--5--5--5--5-| G|--5--5--5--5--5--5--/8--8--8--8--8--8---/3---3--3--3--3--3-| C|--0-----0--0---------------0--0----------------------------|
Chorus Continues
d|-------------------------|---------------------------------------| A|-------------------------|---------------------------------------| F|-------------------------|-----7--------7--7------10-------10-10-| C|--3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-|-----7--------7--7------10-------10-10-| G|--3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-|--5--5--5--5--5--5--/8--8--8--8--8--8--| C|--3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-|--0-----0--0---------------0--0--------|
d|---------------------|-------------------------| A|---------------------|-------------------------| F|--/5---5--5--5--5--5-|-----------7-----------7-| C|--/5---5--5--5--5--5-|-----------7-----------7-| G|--/3---3--3--3--3--3-|-----------5-----------5-| C|---------------------|--0--0---0----0---0--0---| . . . . . .
End Chorus
Play x2 the Heavy Riff
Verse 2 Heavy Riff x4
Chorus x2
At the end of the repeat 2 of the chorus play this and let ring
d|-----| A|-----| F|-----| C|--0--| G|--0--| C|--0--|
Play the Chorus x2 At the end of repeat 2 play this
d|-------------------------| A|-------------------------| F|-----------7-----------7-| C|-----------7-----------7-| G|-----------5-----------5-| C|--0--0---0----0---0--0---| . . . . . .
And that it for this song, hope you like, and go and practice Rock On!

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