The Chair

George Strait

      Well, excuse      me, but I      think you've got my
 chair.     No, that   one's not taken; I don't mind if you sit here.
I'll be glad to share.  Yeah, it's u  -  sually packed here
on Friday nights.

Oh, if you   don't mind, could I talk   you out of a light.
Well, thank       you, could I     drink you a buy? 
Oh, listen to me.  What I mean   is can I buy you a drink? 
Anything you please.      Oh, you're wel   -   come.  Well, I  
don't think I caught your name. 
Are you waiting for someone to meet you here?  Well,   that
makes two of us;   glad you came.

No, I don't   know the name of the band,   but they're good
aren't they?  Would you like to dance?  Yeah, I like  the song too,
it reminds   me of you and me, baby.  Do you think there's a chance
that  later on I could  drive you home?
No, I don't mind  at all. 

Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth, that wasn't
my chair after all                           

Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth, that wasn't
my chair after all.                          

\ | /
       ---O---      \

/|\________ \ ____________
/ | \ \ \/ |
\ A BAR J |


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