I Dont Wanna Stop

Good Charlotte

this is one of few good charlotte songs that are good...
standard tuning: EADGBe
intro: play each chord 4 times e------------------- B------------------- G-------4---5---7--- D---5---4---5---7--- A---3---2---3---5--- E---3---------------
verse: no guitar but the bass notes are the same as the guitar intro chords
pre-chorus: play each chord 4 times except the last D e------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------- G---5---7-------4---5---7-----------5---7--- D---5---7---5---4---5---7---5---2---5---7--- A---3---5---5---2---3---5---5---2---3---5--- E-----------3---------------3---0-----------
chorus part 2: play each chord once except for both D's
e--------------------- B--------------------- G-------4---5---7----- D---5---4---5---7----- A---5---2---3---5----- x2 E---3-----------------
verse 2: same as verse 1
bridge: play each chord 4 times except all the D's - play them 8 times e--------------- B--------------- G---5---4---7--- D---5---4---7--- A---3---2---5--- x4 E---------------
order: intro verse 1 pre-chorus chorus verse 2 pre-chorus chorus bridge pre-chorus
end on G

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