Ripple Acoustic

Grateful Dead

Ripple by the Grateful Dead Tab by R. Farnsworth From acoustic album Reckoning Tried to arrange it for one guitar. sounds good to me. let me know what you think.
(ANYTHING WITH 4X OR 2X are just how many beats I will strum that cord just listen to recording and you should figure out the pattern. I dont know if its right but this is how I play it. also this is my first tab so timeing is pry off again just listen to the song.)
4X 4X 2X 2X e-------------3---------------0------0----------0----------0---------------|
B-------------0-------0---0---1------1----------1----------1---------------| G-------------0---0-----2---0-0------0------0---0----20----0-------0-------| D--------0----0-----0---------2-0-2--2--0-2-----2--2----2--2--0------0-2-0-| A-2--2-3------2---------------3------3----------3----------3-----3---------| E---3------3--3------------------------------------------------------------|
4X 4X e--------------0--------------0-----0---------------------------------| B--------------0------0---1---1-----1----0----0-1---------------------| G--------------0--0-----2---0-0-----0---0---------2----0--0-----------| D---------0----0----0---------2--02-2-02---------------0h20-----------| A--2--2-3------2--------------3-----3----------------3------3-3-2-0---| E-3--3------3--3----------------------------------------------------3-|

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