Standing   here  helpless   where  do  I   go,  if  you  leave  me  alone.

 Where  do  I  turn  now,  if  it  don't  work  out.  As  far  as  I  can  see

 This  isn't  the  way  that  you  said  it  would  be.

CHORUS:  Don't  leave  me  like  this,  don't  leave  me  stranded.      

If  you  walk  away  now  you'll  leave  me  empty  handed.       

Don't  leave  me  like  this  don't  leave  me  stranded.  Don't

Leave me now, don't leave me.

VERSE 2: Wasn't it you who brought me here, to the place lovers go. Just
looks at these arms reaching out to you. You said that you;d always care,
I just turned arouond and there's nobody there...

CHORDS for last chorus (up 1/2 note)

Don't   leave   me  like  don't  leave  me  like  this,

 Don't  leave  me  stranded        

If  you  walk  away  now  you'll  leave  me  empty  handed           

 Don't  leave  me  like  this,  don't  leave  me  stranded.   Stranded

Don't leave me like this ... no ....

C/D: xx0010
G/B: x2x033
C(add D): x32030
Bbmaj7: x12321
G#m7: 464444
C#: x46664 or x43212
F#: 244322

A Am7 B C C# C/D D F# G G#m7 G/B
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