The Worlds End

Boo Hewerdine



e  --4-p0--2-----0-------------------------------------|
B  ---------------2----4p0----0-----(0)-------0--0--0--|
G  ----------------------------------1-/--2------------|
e  --4-p0--2-----0----------------------------------0--|
B  ---------------2----4p0----0-----(0)-------0--0-----|
G  ----------------------------------1-/--2------------|

 Do you ever get the feeling that you're living someone else's life?
and all the time you thought that you were happy and didn't think twice

 The winter that we spent together got so cold I thought we'd die
and the dress you wore at Easter that made me cry     

                                   e -0----------------------|
G#m           A              E     B ----4--2--0---------0---|
I'll meet you at the world's end,  G ---------------1/2------|

 two saints walking arm in arm

 I'll meet you at the world's end,  two saints walking arm in arm
young again

 The smoke from burning bridges has been stinging in our eyes for years
so we never learn to see the good that stares us in the face

 with the sound of false alarm bells still ringing in our ears
so all the time we never knew, there is no better place    


 So we share a secret place
 I never knew it meant that much to you
G^ E
A place where we begin and end
see, I never knew, I never knew   


 kindof bridging bit

e -------------0------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------0h2p0-------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------|
D --2---/7\6------------2-/7----6\2-----------2-h-4-p-2---|
A --------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|

 Do you ever get the feeling that you're living someone else's life?

  - (suggested) :

e --------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------|
G --1---1---1---1/2\1-------------------------|
D ----------------------2----2----------------|
A --------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------|

022100 - E
799877 - B
X24442 - B(II)
 320003 G   (G^ is same fingering, heavy on the top 4 strings)

h is a hammer on
p is a pull off
/ is a slide up
\ is a slide down

Live (with a solo guitar arrangement), Boo just plays these chords (with
a right-palm-muted strumming of the bass strings).

All comments, improvements etc. welcome.


A B E G G#m
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