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The Simplest Thing  Hey Rosetta

the [C]rain starts off and it [G]wakes you up
[E]you can't sleep with that [Am]racket on the roof    [C]  [F]
you [C]get up slow but you can[G]'t get going
it s[E]eems this morning the [Am]lowness has won     [C]  [F]
did you sto[C]p to see? medio[G]crity and your sel[E]f pity,
they were s[Am]tealing a kiss, look at their lips, st[C]ill shiny   [F]
did you [C]notice that [G]happiness
[E]happens less the more [Am]often you stop to find where it's been [C]hiding  [F]
you say, "it's [C]not my fault that i [G]get so low
there's a we[E]ight on my soul that just keeps [Am]pulling me down,
it's pulling me down, i swear i[C]t"  [F]

[Am]so come on by my hous[G]e and un[C]leash me your m[F]onsters
with you[Am] at the healm[G] we'll go c[C]rashing around toge[F]ther
and do[Am]n't mistake some in[G]itial hate for[C] something more than ca[F]utionary
cause [Am]baby this is love[G], i'll come [C]down to hell to [F]keep you company
of a[Am]ll the days we've [F]got we should be scr[C]eaming o[G]ut...
of a[Am]ll the days we've [F]got we should be [C]singing..[G].
C G Am G x2

[C]what's to be done?[G] one hundred and one[Am]
in a tent for twel[G]ve with fingers and el[C]bows
in innocent rib[G]s, we're minding our busi[Am]ness
we're just minding our bus[G]iness instead of minding our minds [C]
in times when the stor[G]ms will ravage your clo[Am]thes,
the sound and the c[G]olour could render you blind[C]
and the throes of a night[G]mare can sing you to sl[Am]eep
then some foreign mach[G]ine wakes you up at a mean[C] hour
but heaven is ther[G]e, under your hair[Am],
it hides in the n[G]oon noise way up in the a[C]ir
like a bird on the bre[G]eze    [Am]
waiting for you a[G]nd maybe me to[C]o
(C) G Am G x2

[C]whats there to do?[G] one hundred and tw[Am]o
are out on the door[G]step and they're pushing the b[C]olts back
they're wanting in[G], they're humming our h[Am]ymn
everybodys singing like[G] beautiful [C]birds...
everybodys singing like[G] beautiful [Am]birds...   [C]
[C]in the trees,[G] listen to it,[Am] it's easy man,[G] you can do it too
[C]sing: i[G] know what i wan[Am]t     [G]
[C]i [G] know what i need[Am]    [G]
cause it's the simplest thing

of a[Am]ll the nights we've got[F] we should be ste[C]pping o[G]ut...
of a[Am]ll the nights we've got[F] we should be ste[C]pping o[G]ut...
of a[Am]ll the nights we touch[F] we should be swin[C]ging around from ho[G]use to house
[C]if i could cheer you up it would mean[G] so much,
[Am]clowns in love and [G]laughing it off, [Am]laughing it off, [F]laughing it off
you say, "its [C]not my fault that i [G]get so low
but to [E]drown you too, that's a [Am]sick way to love, it's a [E]sick way to love,
it's a fucking [F]sick way to love"

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