Pierced Spirit

Iced Earth

Band- Iced Earth Song- The Pierced Spirit Album- Burnt Offerings
Tuning: Eb
NOTE: Entire song is acoustic, guitar 1 is probably nylon and guitar 2 is steel.
Riff 1 Guitar 1 eb|---------0---------------0---------------0-------| Bb|-6-----6---6-----6-----6---6-----6-----6---6-----| Gb|---5---------5-----5---------5-----5---------5---| Db|-----7---------7-----7---------7-----7---------7-| Ab|-5---------------8---------------5---------------| Eb|-------------------------------------------------|
eb|---------0---------------0--| Bb|-------0---0-----------0----| Gb|---5---------5-----5--------| Db|-----7---------7-----7------| Ab|-0---------------0----------| Eb|----------------------------|
eb|---------0---------------0---------------0-------| Bb|-------6---6-----------6---6-----------6---6-----| Gb|---5---------5-----5---------5-----5---------5---| Db|-----7---------7-----7---------7-----7---------7-| Ab|-5---------------8---------------5---------------| Eb|-------------------------------------------------|
eb|---------0---------------0-------| Bb|-------0---0-----------0----0----| Gb|---5---------5-----5-----------5-| Db|-----7---------7-----7-----------| Ab|-0---------------0---------------| Eb|---------------------------------|
Guitar 2 eb|---0---------0------0---------0---| Bb|-6---5h6-------0--6---5h6-------0-| Gb|---------7~---------------7~------| Db|----------------------------------| Ab|----------------------------------| Eb|----------------------------------|
eb|---0---------0------------------------| Bb|-6---5h6------------------------------| Gb|---------7~----7----------------------| Db|-----------------7/9----7----7----9---| Ab|--------------------------------------| Eb|--------------------------------------|
Riff 2 Guitar 1 eb|---------0---------------0-------| Bb|-1-----1---1-----0-----0---0-----| Gb|---0---------0-----0---------0---| Db|-----2---------2-----2---------2-| Ab|-0-------------------------------|
Eb|-----------------3---------------| "Gaze upon me now..." eb|---------0-----------------------| Bb|-0-----0---0-----0---------0-----| Gb|---2---------2-----1---------1---| Db|-----0---------0-----0---0-----0-| Ab|-----------------------2---------| Eb|-1---------------0---------------| "Desperate soul for all time..."
Guitar 2 eb|------0---------------------------------| Bb|-1---------0----3--1-0------------------| Gb|-----------------------2----0-----------| Db|---------------------------------3----2-| Ab|----------------------------------------| Eb|----------------------------------------|
Play Riff 1 Play Riff 2 Last bar slowed up and omit final note.
Final chord eb|--0--| Bb|--0--| Gb|--5--| Db|--7--| Ab|--0--| Eb|-----|
10^ = bend a quarter step. 10b11 = bend a half step. 10b12 = bend a full step. 10b12r10 = bend and release. [10]12 = pre-bend. [10]12r10 = pre-bend and release. #cutline# = pick the 14th fret while holding the most previous bend. <17> = touch the string above the 17th fret while previous note(s) is(are) still ringing.
10b13* = tremolo bar bend, from the 10th fret to the 13th fret. 7d4* = tremolo bar dive, from the 7th fret to the 4th fret. 12~* = tremolo bar vibrato.
x = mute with fret-hand * = palm mute X\\ = pick slide h = hammer-on p = pull-off ~ = vibrato t = finger tap / = slide up \ = slide down h. = natural harmonics a = artificial harmonics (9) = ghost note tm = trem picking tr = trill

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