Womans Got Soul


Verse 1:

        She may not be the best lookin' woman
        I ever did see            
        Nor have the charms of the ladies
           Db6    Ab    Db6  Ab  
Of high society

Chorus 1:

        But the woman's got soul      
        Worth all money and gold      
        And all the love that I have belongs
        To the woman with soul                             

Verse 2:

Now I'm just a regular fellow
I don't need much
I don't need a Cadillac car
Or diamonds and such

Chorus 2:

But the woman that I hold
She's got to have soul
And then I'm richer than the richest gold
If the woman's got soul

 bass plays first Ab on eacb line alone; borns join on otber cbords
Bridge :

                (Db6)        Ab    Db  Ab  
Well, I don't need a woman
                                   Ab  Db  Ab  
That's got a whole lotta class
                           Ab    Db  Ab  
Because class in a woman
                                Ab  Db  Ab  
Don't mean she's gonna last
                           Ab    D9  Db9  
I need the kind of woman
                                      Ab         D9  Db9  
That when I hold she fits so tight, yeah
                                   Ab     Db  Ab  
Oh, and when she throws it on me
I give in without a fight Then I know

Chorus 3:

The woman's got soul
Worth all money and gold
And then I'm richer than the richest gold
If the woman's got soul

 repeat to fade
Coda :

        If the woman's got soul         

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

Ab Bbm Cm Db Db6 Eb
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