Dead Mans Hill

Indigo Girls


[In the parts that say "Dsus9 - D7sus9 D6 - D5," play the riff that
I've tabbed out at the end. I.e., don't actually play a Dsus9 chord.]
[The A5 and D5 are kind of weird; at times, they can sound like Am and D,
but do try to lay off the third.]

 intro; drums and melodica
 We were down at Dead Man's Hill, smoking vines like cigarettes
 Looking through the trashy mags, trying to feel what's coming next
 You told me of crashing cars, older brothers, and late night bars
 I told you what I feel most, and you kept it like a ghost forever    
   Don't you write it down, remember this in your head
      C(9)    D         D                    G
Don't take a picture, remember this in your heart
      C(9)     D        D                  G
Don't leave a message, talk to me face to face
(Talk to me face to face) Talk to me face to face

Lying on the bright blue jumping mat, dinner bell is ringing
Barking dogs and model planes, and the sound of passing trains
We watch for bonfires in the sky, on the beach in July
Spin the bottle, steal the kiss, postcards to the one I miss forever
The one I miss forever    
Don't you write it down, remember this in your head
Don't take a picture, remember this in your heart
I'll leave a message when everything comes apart
(Talk to me face to face) Talk to me face to face
(Everything comes apart) Ahhhhhh, I'll leave a message
       C(9)               Dsus9 - D7sus9   D6 - D5
When everything comes apart
I remember cats on fire, gasoline, a burning spiral
Standing underneath the night, fighting back with all my might
Empty cans and charred remains, find them in the heat of day
On the top of Dead Man's Hill, this is what I know of shame forever

At the end of the first verse,
Dsus9 D7sus9 D6 D5 the end of the riff is like this:
E ------0-------0-|----------------|                 --------
B ----3-------1---|----0-----------|                 ---/8-7-
G --2-------2-----|--2---2---------|                 --2-----
D 0-------0-------|0---------------|                 0-------
A ----------------|----------------|                 --------
E ----------------|----------------|                 --------

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

- Adam Schneider,

A5 Csus9 D D5 D6 D7sus9 Dsus9 G G/B
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