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Tender Is The Night  Jackson Browne

        [G5]     [D5]    [E5]      [C5]                                                                
E    -----------------------------|
B    -----------------------------|
G    ---0------7----9------5------|
D    ---5------7----9------5------|
A    ---5------5----7------3------|
E    ---3-------------------------|

        [G]    [D]   [Em]     [C]     [G/D]                                                              
E    --3----2----0-----0-----3--------------|
B    --0----3----0-----1-----3--------------|
G    --0----2----0-----0-----4--------------|
D    --0----0----2-----2-----5--------------|
A    --------------2-----3-----5------------|
E    --3----------0-------------------------|

[G5]                                    [D5] 
Between the darkness on the street,
and the houses filling up with [E5]light            [C5]
[G5]                                    [D5] 
Between the stillness in my heart,
and the roar[E5] of the approaching night               [C5]
[G5]                                  [D5]   
Somebody calling after somebody
somebody turns a[E5] corner out of sight
[C5]Looking for somebody, s[G5]omew[D5]here in the night             [E5]

[C5]    [D5]        [G5]    [C5]     [D5]         [G5]    [C5]  [D5] 
[G]Tender is[C] the night, [D]   [G/D]     [D]   [G]
when you hold your baby tight[C]      [D]     [G/D]    [D]
[G]Tender are[C] the moti[D]ons, tender[G/D] is the [D]night   [G]      [C]   [D]
[G]                                    [D] 
Between the life that we expected,
and the way it's always be[Em]en           [C]
I can't walk back in agai[G]n,         [D]
after the way we fight   [Em]    [D]  [Em]   [D]  [Em]   [D]
[G]                                    [D] 
When just outside there are people laughing,
living li[Em]ves we used to lead      [C]
                          [G]          [D] 
Chasing down the love they need,
somewhere in the night      [Em]    [C]   [D]

[G]Tender is[C] the night[D],      [G/D]     [D]    [G]
and the benediction of the ne[C]on light [D]            [G/D]    [D]
[G]Tender ar[C]e the hunters[D], tender[G/D] is th[D]e night      [G]   [C]  [D]


E   -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B   -------------3--------------3----------------------3-------------------|
G   --0h2--4-----0--2----4-----0--2-----0h2--4-----0--2--4-----------------|
D   -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A   -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E   -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E   ------------------------------------------|
B   --------0--------0--------0--------0------|
G   --0h2-----0h2-----0h2----0h2--------------|   Then right into C chord
D   ------------------------------------------|
A   ------------------------------------------|
E   ------------------------------------------|

[C]                                    [D] 
You're gonna want me tonight,
when your ready to surrender,     [C]
Forget about who's right,
when you're ready to remember,      [C]
It's another world at night,
when you're ready to be tender,       [D]

Tender, tender

G5 C5 D5 | Repeat to end
Tender |

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C C5 D D5 E5 Em G G/D G5
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