Jaco Pastorius

"The Chicken" By: Jaco Pastorius Written By: Pee Wee Ellis Tabbed By: JeffWiredBeck24 E-Mail:
This is a great song to jam with, I'm only going to tab out the main melody, as the rest the song is solo improvisation.
FIG. 1 e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----11-13 -13b15------------------11-14b15-11-------------11-14b16-14b15-------| G|-12-----------------------10-12------------------------12------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
FIG. 2 e|-10-15-13----------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------14------13---11----11---10-10------10------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------12-10-12------| D|--------------------13---11----------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
FIG. 3 e|-------------10--------------------10------------------------10----------------| B|---------11-----11~---------11--------11~-----------11----------11~------------|
G|-10-12--------------10-12------------------10-12-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
FIG. 4 e|--------------------------------| B|-11-9---------------------------| G|--------10-8--------------------| D|---------------11-8-------------| A|----------------------11\-------| E|----------------------------/6--|
All right, that's the main melody, remember to hybrid pick FIG. 2 when you play the D B together. To improvise a solo over it, follow this pattern for the scales, you can use the Blues Pentatonic: Bb7 for four measures Eb7 for two measures D7 for one measure G7 for one measure C7 for four measures If you're familiar with the song, you'll easily figure it out. Any questions feel free PM me or e-mail me, addresses are at the top.
| b bend | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note

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