Aik Din Aye Ga


Hello everyone .. Im Talal Ashraf ..
The other two versions of this song listen on the site are totally wrong .. they are no where close to aik din aaiga.. so I figured it out and here it is:
There are 5 Chords in this song listed below
E: [ e=0 b=0 g=9 d=9 a=7 e=0 ] C#m: [ e=0 b=0 g=6 d=6 a=4 e=0 ] A: [ e=0 b=0 g=2 d=2 a=0 e=0 ] B: [ e=0 b=0 g=4 d=4 a=2 e=0 ] C: [ e=0 b=0 g=5 d=5 a=3 e=0 ]
Make sure you have a look at the way i have held the chords because they are held in a different way.
Intro = E C#m A B (2 times) then C
(Soft Plucking)
E C#m A B Teri aankhein .. Aab hongi naaa kabhi nam Tu jo dekh lay .. toww bhula doon mein saaray gham Tu jo chaahay toww .. Badlay gaa mausam (C) mmmmmmm
Same goes for the next verse
(Rthym Starts) E C#m K dil tu rona nahi .. K khwab adhooray nahi K aarmaan saaray tere .. hongay pooray kabhi A B Aik Din aaiega .. Tu yoon gaaiga (The alaap is on E and C#m you'll figure out where to change when u play) laaaaaaa haa haa haaa haaaa etc.......
I guess this is enough if you are not a dumb ass you'll figure it all out yourself :)
Chaooo ... Talal Ashraf a.k.a. |v10L3nT|

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