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Rey Del Mosh

Jodio Loco Sucio

REY DEL MOSH As recorded by JLS (From the 2001 Album SERPIENTE EN EL HUERTO)
Transcribed by JLS
Words and Music by Leo Susana Arranged by JLS
Q=70 Em 4/4 Gtr I Q E E Q E S S Q E E E E S S S S ||------------------|----------------------| ||o-----------------|----------------------| ||------------------|----------------------| ||------------------|----------------------| ||o----2------------|----2---------2-3-2-3-| ||--0----3S5--3-3S5-|-0----3-/5-/5---------|
Q E E Q E S S Q E E E E S S S S |-----------------|----------------------|| |-----------------|---------------------o|| |-----------------|----------------------|| |-----------------|----------------------|| |----2-2-4--------|----2-------2-3-2-3--o|| |-0----3S5--3-3S5-|-0----3-5-5-----------||
Q Q S S S S S S S S Q E E H |-||------------------------|---------------||-| |-||o-----------------------|--------------o||-| |-||------------------------|---------------||-| |-||------------------------|---------------||-| |-||o-7--5--3-5-3-2-3-2-----|-7--5-7S10----o||-| |-||--------------------5-3-|---------------||-|
Fast Rock Q=110(8=s8) E E. E E. E E |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |---2--------2-3----| |-0----3-/5---------|
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