Two Different Directions

John Denver

1.) They say they love each other, I've no doubt they do
2.) Old stories start to surface, patterns from long ago

1.) They say they'll always be together, that may not be true
2.) And loving quickly turns to anger for reasons they don't even know

1.) They come from different places, different points of view
2.) The strongest heart can be broken with one insensitive word

1.) They find themselves in different spaces everything is all brand new
2.) The deepest feelings remain unspoken, no one is seen and nothing heard


If opposites attract each other, whats the reason for...
One being like an open window, one just like a closing door


1.) Two different directions, too many different ways
2.) Two different directions, too many different ways
3.) Two different directions, too many differnt ways

1.) One always on the road somewhere, the other one always stays
2.) One always wants to work things out, the other one wants to play
3.) One likes to see the morning sunrise, the other sleeps in late

1.) Too often unhappy and too often on your own
2.) Too ready for changes and too much that just can't wait
3.) Too many tomorrows and too many times too late

1.) When you are moving in different directions, true love is all alone
2.) When you are moving in different directions, true love can turn to hate
3.) When you are moving in different directions, true love may have to wait
3.) If you are committed to different directions, true love may have to wait

C D Em G
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