Live around the hydro wires
 Listening to them singing in the park
 Winding the clock tired and raw ???? (can't make this out)
 Radio's a glowin in the dark
 Mother's lie down in the daytime
 Dream about hollywood
 I know that they'd get there if they could

 It's just a matter of time before we get to shine
 It's not a question of when or who does the crime

Verse 2

Show us skin in picture windows
Sittin cross legged on the floor
Livin rooms electric TV's
Light bulbs, irons, cancer to the core

Out in the backyards waiting
For women in flying saucers
Under the stars of power lines

Chorus 2X
 Before we get to shine ......shine   

Harmonica solo A Gsus D

 The fans in the air conditioners
 Runnin in movie houses
 Our mothers are coming home again, home again

Chorus 2X and fade

A D Em Gsus
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