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Havent We Met  Kenny Rankin

[F7]FM7             [131211]1x3210 - use thumb on the 6th (E) string
[F#7(-9]G9              [242323]3x0203
G7(9) 3x0201
[GM7]G#m13           [353333]4x442x

Intro: AM9 - E7sus4 -:(3x)
DM7 - C#m7 - CM9 - Bm7, Esus4 (pause)

Iıve or[AM9]dered some r[F#m7]ain for to[DM7]morrow
The [C#m7] sky  will be s[F#7(-9]unny   but [Bm7]wet, [E7sus4]
Em7 A7(6) A7aug DM7 G9
And out of nowhere youıre suddenly there
CM9 F7 Bm7 E7sus4 C#m7 - CM9 - Bm7, E7sus4 (pause)
And I say, "Yeah, pardon me, havenıt we met?"

Iıve o[AM9]rdered some [F#m7]sunshine with s[DM7]howers
And [C#m7]Iıve got my s[F7(-9]cenery s[Bm7]cent, [E7sus4]
Em7 A7(6)A7aug DM7 G7(9)
Right there with a thump our umbrellas gonna bump
CM9 F7 Bm7 E7sus4 (Interlude)
And I say, "Yeah, yeah, pardon me havenıt we met?"

Interlude: Am7 - D7(9)-:(4x)


[Am7]Acci[D7(-9]dents  can [GM7]happen
And [GM7]into one [C7(9]Iım  gonna s[FM7]lide,
[Em]Thereıs a good c[A7]hance to[F#m7] get my hands
On a l[Bm7(6]ittle romance[C#m7]
F#7 Bm7(6) E7 - G#m13 - C#7 - G#m13 - Bm7,E7sus (pause)
When two hearts collide.

And [AM9] I  know thatıs  [F#m7]just  how it ha[DM7]ppened
When R[C#m7(6]omeo    [F#7]   met J[Bm7]uliet [E7]
Em7 A7(6) A7aug DM7 G9 - CM9
Somewhere I read that Old Romeo said:
F7 Bm7 E7sus4 (Interlude)
"Pardon me, havenıt we met?"

Ad lib: (Bridge Chords)
La ra ra...

And [AM9]I   know thatıs [F#m7]just how it h[DM7]appened
When R[C#m7(6]omeo    [F#7]  met J[Bm7]uliet[E7]
Em7 A7(6) A7aug DM7 G9 - CM9 - E7
Somewhere I read that Old Romeo said:
"Pardon [Bm7]me" [-]  [E7sus4]
Well, he said, "[C#m7(6]Par-don [F#7(-9]  me,"  [-]  [Bm7]    [-]  [E7(-]
He said, "P[CM9]ardon[F7]   [Bm7]me  [E7sus4]havenıt we [CM9]met?[-]" [B7-]
BbM7 AM9 (pause)
Pa ra ra ra ba ba...

- THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Hasta La Vista Baby! -

Note: The comma (,) sign after a chord indicates an abrupt change in the chord.
for the timing just listen to the cd, I'm too lazy to write the tab.
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