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Just Dropped In  Kenny Rogers

[Notes: the guitars are so distorted it's hard to tell, but the chord
notated as Am7 might actually be A7#9 (54555x) - try both and see
which you think sounds more like the record. The bass is definitely
tuned below concert pitch (see the second break), and I suspect that
the distorted rhythm guitar is as well - try tuning to DGCFAD and
playing in Em/Fm/F#m. -- AWR]


(backwards guitar over B minor pentatonic scale; end on D note)


        Dm [N.C.]
Yeah yeah oh, yeah
        What condition my cond[Dm]ition was in

Verse 1:

        I [Dm]woke up this morning with the [G/D]sundown   pouring [Dm]in
                                                  Am7  [5x555x]
I found my mind in a brown paper bag within
        I tr[Dm]ipped on a cloud and fell a-ei[F]ght miles high
        I[Bbmaj7] tore my mind  on a jagged sky
        I j[Dm]ust dropped in   to [Am7]see what condition my con[Dm]dition was in

[repeat cborus] 

Instrumental break #1:

bass (doubled w/vibes; fuzz guitar plays chords where

         [C]    v   v   v   v [Ab]    v   v[Bbm]   v   v     v   v   v   v   [Ebm]  v


        [key cbange to Ebm] 

        I p[Ebm]ushed my soul  in a [Ab/Eb]deep dark hole and then I [Ebm]followed it in
        I found myself crawlin' out as I was c[Bbm7]rawlin' in
        I got[Ebm] up so tight, I c[Gb]ouldn't unwind
        I[Cbmaj7] saw so much, I broke my mind
        I j[Ebm]ust dropped in   to[Bbm7] see what condition my con[Ebm]dition was in
Guitar solo:

        Ebm                Db                Gb [5/4]
         / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / / /   [2X]

[repeat cborus in Ebm:] 

        Ebm [N.C.]
Yeah yeah oh, yeah
        What condition my con[Ebm]dition was in

Instrumental break #2:

bass (doubled w/vibes; fuzz guitar plays chords where indicated)

[Note: this starts in a lower octave than the first time,
and goes down to a low Eb - detune the low E as
play it on one of them newfangled 5-strings, or shift it
up an octave.]

v v v v v v v v v v v v v
      G ---|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|---
      D ---|-----------------|-----------0-----|-0-----0-----0-1-|-2-
      A -4-|---1-----------0-|-------4-2-----2-|-----2-----2-----|---
     Eb ---|-------3-0-3-----|---1-------------|-----------------|---


        [key cbange to Em] 

Verse 3:

        Some[Em]one painted "April [A/E]Fool" in big black letters on a d[Em]ead-end
        I've had my foot on the gas since I left the road and [Bm7]blew out
my mind
        Eight m[Em]iles out of Memphis and I g[G]ot no spare
        Eight [Cmaj7]miles straight up downtown somewhere
        I j[Em]ust dropped in   to [Bm7]see what condition my cond[Em]ition was in
        I said, I j[Em]ust dropped in to [Bm7]see what condition my cond[Em]ition was

        Em [N.C.]
Yeah yeah oh, yeah-eh [slow down; voices through

Em (single chord w/fuzz and tremolo)

bass (doubled w/vibes; free tempo):


Em (feedback, organ, and fuzz guitar; fade out, in, out, in,

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

[--]Jim in Cleveland
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