You Really Got Me


You Really Got me The Kinks
this song is dead easy, listen to the recording for rhythm and timing (especially for the solo)... have fun
play these riffs in order as follows:
1. e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|----------- Repeat 1-|2x D|-----------------------| A|-3--5-5-3-5------------| E|-1--3-3-1-5------------|
2. e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|---2-2---2-----| Repeat 4x A|---0-0---0-----| E|-3-----3-------|
3. e|------------------| B|------------------| G|---2-2---2--------| Repeat 6x D|---0-0---0--------| A|-3-----3----------| E|------------------|
4. e|--------0---------|
B|--------1---------| G|--------0---------| Hold for 7 counts D|--------2---------| A|--------3---------| E|------------------|
Solo e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--1-1-1-1-1-1-1---1-3-----1-3----------------------1-3-------------| G|----------------------3-0-----3-0--3-0-3-0-3-0-3-0-----3-0-3-0-3-0-| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|--3-3-3---3-1-----------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------1-3-1-----2-1----------------------------| G|-------------3-0-3-0-3-0--------3------3--0--0--0--3--0-0---------| D|--------------------------------------------3--3--3----3----------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Coda e|------------| B|------------| G|-2--2--2--2-| D|-0--0--0--0-| A|------------| E|------------|
**this tab doesnt follow the song exactly. If you want to play it exact, go back to after the C chord then second time through play solo then go back to start after solo and play the coda**
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