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My Hero Zero


                                     My hero zero, such a funny little hero but till you came along
we counted on out fingers and toes, but now your here to stay, 
and nobody really knows, how wonderful you are,
we could never reach the stars, without you zero my hero   
how wonderful you are.   
spoken 1: whats' so wonderful about zero, its nothing isn't it?
2: sure it represents nothing-
 But place a zero after 1 and you've got yourself a 10see how important that is 
 When you run outta digits start all over again see how convenent that is
Thats with only 10 digits including zero 
you can count as high as you ever need to go, forever toward infinity 
 no one ever gets there but you can try  
 10 billion zeros from the cavemen to the wierdos who invente 
you, they counted on their fingers and toes
maybe sticks and stones, rocks and bones, or neighbors toes
 yeah yeah
and nobody really knows, how wonderful you are 
why we could never reach the stars without you zero my hero  
how wonderful you are 
 Place on zero after any number you've multipled that # by 10 see how easy that is 
 Place 2 zeros after any number you've multipled that # by 100 see how simple that is 
 Place 3 zeros after any number you've multipled that# by 1000 
etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad astra , forever and ever  
with zero my hero, how wonderful you are                  

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