Real Love

John Lennon

All the little boys and girls
Living in this crazy world
All they really needed from you 
Was maybe some love  
All the little girls and boys
Playing with their little toys
All they really needed from you
Was maybe some love
Why must we live alone
Why must we live alone
D Bm Em(III) F#m(V)
This is real life
This is real  
I don't expect you to understand
 The kingdom of heaven is in your hand
 I don't expect you to wake from your dreams
 To late to rise now so it seems
All the little plans and schemes
Nothing but a bunch of dreams
All they ever needed from you
Was maybe some love
F/C#: x x 3 2 2 1
Em(III): x x 0 4 5 3
F#m(V): x x 0 6 7 5
NOTE: This is my version of the chords, but since I figured them out on
my own, there's no guarantee these are an improvement- just different
(from the soundtrack album to the film Imagine)
(sent by Harlan at

A Bm D D7 Em F#m F/C# G G/F# Gm
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