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Traces Of Love  Lettermen

           [Bbmaj9]         [Eb6]      [Em7]      [A7sus4]    [A7] 

Verse 1:

        [D]Faded photog[F#m]raphs
        C[Am]overed now with l[B7]ines and creases
        [Em]Tickets torn in h[C]alf
        [C#m7-5]Memories in bits and [F#]pieces

Chorus 1:

        [Bm]Traces of [Bm7/A]love long [G#m7-5]ago
        That [Gmaj7]didn't work out [Bbmaj9]right    [Eb6]
        Traces of [Em7]love    [A7sus4]       [A7]

Verse 2:

Ribbons from her hair
Souvenirs of days together
The ring she used to wear
Pages from an old love letter

Chorus 2:

Traces of love long ago
That didn't work out right
        Traces of [Em7]love with[A7sus4]   me  [A7]   toni[D]ght


        [Bm]I close my e[F#m]yes
        [Bm]And say a p[F#m]rayer
        [Bm]That in her heart s[F#m]he'll find
        A tr[G]ace of love still t[A]here

Sax solo (verse chord pattern, in Eb):

          [Eb]        [Gm]         [Bbm]         [C7] 
          [Fm]         [Db]       [Dm7-5]          [G7] 
Chorus 3:

        [Cm]Traces of[Cm7/Bb] hope in the [Am7-5]night
        That [Abmaj7]she'll come back and [Bmaj9]dry     [E6]
        These traces of [Fm7]tears
        [Bb7sus4]From    [Bb7]my   [Eb]eyes