Swingset Chain


Loquat - Swingset Chain
Riff: D – Cm# - Bm (Finger the music using only the strings of the chords D5 – Cm#5 – Bm5) Chorus: D – A – G – A
Introduction: -> To make it easier: put the finger 1 at the string A, finger 2 at the string D, finger at the string G and string 4 to reach the variations. It happens on their respective clef.
Riff 1 D Cm# Bm e----------------------------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------------------------| G-7-----9-----7------6-----7-----6------4-----4-----4---4-----4--------| D---7-----7------------6-----6------------4-----4-----4---4-----4------| A-5---5-5---5-5------4---4-4---4-4------2---2-2---2-2---2---2-2---2----| E----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2 D Cm# Bm e----------------------------------------------------------------------| B-------7------------------7------------------5------------------------| G-7-------7---7------6-------6---6------4-------4---4---4-----4--------| D---7-------7---7------6-------6---6------4-------4---4---4-----4------| A-5---5-5-----5------4---4-4-----4------2---2-2-----2---2---2-2---2----| E----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 3 D Cm# Bm e-------7------------------7------------------5------------------------| B----------------------------------------------------------------------| G-7-------7---7------6-------6---6------4-------4---4---4-----4--------| D---7-------7---7------6-------6---6------4-------4---4---4-----4------| A-5---5-5-----5------4---4-4-----4------2---2-2-----2---2---2-2---2----| E----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat Riff 2
Chorus: e---3-5---7---9---10---12---14-----------------------------------------|
There's a playground that we used to run on The penny-drop that broke her arm The monkey bars that you fell from The swingset chain that stuck with my tongue It's thirty below and we're far gone
If you plant yourself here I wouldn't miss you for long But then comes the day when you leave town I'm back to the way I was when you weren't around
If you want to know what that was like I'll tell you first, it was way too quiet It rained a hundred nineteen days of the year I spent my time falling down the stairs I know I can't tie you to a leash But something tells me you'd go further than Greece And then I'll have to figure out what to do I'm kind of afraid I'm co-dependent on you
I'm freaking out that we've started breaking down Before momentum picked up Now all these doors are locked The trees trick you 'cause they're always standing still If time was really racing by You could see it when you drive
There's a rooftop deck where we still hang out A couple of bars where we're not allowed The roller-skates that threw you on your face The park on the hill which was our only space The fog is fast and it rolls right in About the time I struck my first fifth of gin I really don't mean to complain too much But this is turning me into quite the lush
I'm freaking out that we're running out of time But to do what? Should I stop and think of that? Is there something I could do to slow it down? Live in a day for once Instead of watch it screaming by
You're a dandelion seed That flies through the air And lands randomly Then disappears x2
I'm freaking out that we've started breaking down Before momentum picked up Now all these doors are locked The trees trick you 'cause they're always standing still If time was really racing by You could see it when you drive
I got this from someone, couldn't find it on the net, thought it could be helpful.

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