See You At The Disco

Pickett Luke

CAPO ON 2ND FRET. Figure out The Rythm h- hammer to. p- pull off to. s- slightly move the string in same note /- slide down \- slide up 99.9% sure its correct
Intro e|-2222-2222-| B|-3333-3333-| G|-4444-0000-| D|-2222-2222-| A|-0000-0000-| E|-0000-0000-| several times
Solo e|------------------------------------------| B|-8s-10---7s-8-8p7-5s-7-7/8-8/10-8-7h8p7---| G|-----7h9----------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|
Chords e|-0000-0000-----|-0000-0000----------| B|-0000-0000-----|-0000-0000----------| G|-0000-4444-----|-0000-0000----------| D|-2222-2222-----|-5555-5555----------| A|-2222-2222-----|-5555-5555----------| E|-0000-0000--x2-|-3333-3333-x2-------| several times
e|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|-555-555-777-777-555--555--7777---| D|-333-333-555-555-333--333--5555---| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|
2nd solo part. e|---------------------------------------| B|---8----------8-------7h8p7------------| G|-----11-7-------11-7--------9-7-7h9p7--| D|-9--------9-9--------9-----------------| A|---------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------|
then... e|-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0--0--xxxx----| B|-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0-----xxxx----| G|-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0--0--xxxx----| D|-4-4-xxx-5-5-xxx-7-7-xxx-12-12-xxxx----| <---- A|-2-2-xxx-3-3-xxx-5-5-xxx-10-10-xxxx----| | E|-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0-0-xxx-0--0--xxxx----| | |
at the same time and between these chords ------ e|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| D|-5h7p5-------------------| A|-------7-3h5p3-3...------| E|-------------------------| (..) hold the note...
before outro... e|-0-0-000-0-0-000-0-000------| B|-0-0-000-0-0-000-0-000------| G|-0-0-444-0-0-444-0-555------| D|-4-4-444-5-5-555-5-555------| A|-2-2-222-3-3-333-3-333------| E|-0-0-000-0-0-000-0-000------|
Outro e|----10p8------------10p8-------------10p8------------------| B|-8h10----10/12-8h10-----10/12-10s-8h10---10/12-10p8-7h8-7--| G|-----------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------| then e|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-7h9------------------------------------| D|-----9p7-5h7-5p4----4h5-45h7-5-7--------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
everything else gets pretty much repeated. there are 2 guitar playin simultaneously but those are the chords that they play!
Lyrics. So yesterday I walked up to your front door again. I played it cool, there were no chills. We were just seeking thrills baby. Yeah it's friday and it's my day October 28th. You play it cool. You play it just for me. Then everything just falls in to place.
So slide my jacket in to place, and prop my collar up. I bought you this dress don't be late. Don't leave me on the phone. You play it cool. You play it just for me. Then everything just falls in to place.
Suddenly I'm looking left, and looking right, for you to stand here by my side. It seemed as if love had fallen in to place. I was yours and you were mine. But this is goodbye... at least for tonight.

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