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Because Of Who You Are  Martha Munizzi

[F]   [Bb]    [F]   [Bb]                           

Beca[F]use of who you are[Am7]
I give you g[Bbmaj7]lory
[Gm7/C]Be - ca[F]use of wh[C/E]o you are[Dm7]
I give you praise[Ebmaj7]        [Gm7/C]
Beca[Bbmaj7]use of who you are[C/Bb]
I will l[Em7b5]ift my voice[A7(#9] and say,[Dm7]
'Lord, I w[Gm7]orship you
beca[Gm7/C]use of who[A7/C#] you are[Dm7].'   [Dm7/C]        [G7/B]
Lord I w[Gm7]orship You
be[Gm7/C]cause of wh[C/E]o You are[F]

Chorus 1:
Jehov[F7]ah [Bbmaj7]Jireh, my pro[F/A]vider[Dm7]
Jehovah N[Gm7]issi,[Gm7/C] Lord you r[Cm7/F]eign in victo[Cm7]ry
B7(b5) Bbmaj7 Em7b5 A7aug Dm7
Jehovah Shalom, my prince of peace
Gm7 F/A Gm7/C (trans Abm7/Db)
And I worship you because of who you are! (repeat)

Chorus 2:
Je[C7(b5]hovah  [Cbmaj9]Jireh, my pro[Gb/Bb]vider  [Ebm7]
Jehovah [Abm7]Nissi, Lord you [Dbm11]reign in victor[C7(b5]y
Cbmaj7 Fm7b5 Bb7aug Ebm7
Jehovah Shalom, my prince of peace
And I w[Abm7]orship you because[Gb/Bb] of who you are![Abm7/Db]         [Abm7/D]

Chorus 3:
[Db7(b5]Jehovah [Cmaj9]Jireh, my pro[G/B]vider[A7(b9]
[G]Jeh[D/F#]ovah [Em7]Nissi[A7],  [G/B]    L[A7/C#]ord you r[Dm11]eign in victo[Db7(b5]ry
Cmaj7 F#m7b5 B7aug Em7
Jehovah Shalom, my prince of peace
And I w[Am9]orship you, wo[G/B]rship you, w[Cmaj7]orship you, yeah [Em7]yeah

[Em/G]and I w[Am9]orship you, wo[G/B]rship you, w[Cmaj7]orship you yea[Em7]h yeah ye[Em7/G]ah yeah
[Am9]I worship you because You are [G/B]Holy, Holy
[Cmaj7]I worship You because [Em]Holy is w[G]ho You are[Am9]
[Am9]I worship You because You're [G/B]worthy worthy
[Cmaj7]I worship You because [Em]Worthy is [Fm]who Y[Fm/Ab]ou are
[Bbm9]I worship You because You're [Ab/C]Mighty Mighty
[Dm7]I worship You because [Fm]mighty is [Fm/Ab]who You are[Bbm9]
Wo[Ab/C]rship You, W[Dbmaj7]orship You, [Eb/F]Oooo  [Fm7]
and I wo[Bbm9]rship You becaus[Ab/C]e of who You are[Bbm7/Eb]
L[Fm7]ord I w[Bbm9]orship You be[Gm7(b5]cause of who[C7(b9] You are[Fm7]    [Fm7/Eb]       [Fm/D]
Lord I [Bbm7]worship You be[Bbm7/Eb]cause of who You are[Db(add9]
[Eb/Db]       [Db]    [Db/Eb]       [Ab(add9]