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The Onion Song  Marvin Gaye


The [G]world is [G7]just a [C]great [C/B]big [Am]onion.

And pain and [G]fear,
Are the s[Em]pices that make you [Am]cry.[D]
Oh, and the [Gmaj7]only way to get [G7]rid,
Of this [C]great [C/B]big [Am]onion.
Is to [Bm7]plant [Em]love [Am]seeds,
Until it [F]dies, uh [C]huh.

Verse 1:


Hey [G]world!
We got a [F]great big [C]job to [G]do.
[F] Yeah, [C]we need [G]you,
And every-[F]body [C]pull us [G]through.[G7]

Bridge 1:

[G7] Don't you know we've,
Got to [C]clean up this place,
And [Cdim]reach for a higher [Em]goal, yeah.
(Valerie): Yes we [A7]do now.

We gotta [G]be headstrong,
About [Em]rightin' the wrong,
And make a [F]mountain,
Of happy [D]souls, oh,
(Marvin):[D7] Oh...
Chorus 2:

The [G]world is [G7]just a [C]great [C/B]big [Am]onion,


And [G]I don't care,
It's the [Em]face people like to [Am]wear.
(Valerie): Yes it [D]is now.

Oh, and the [Gmaj7]only way to get [G7]rid,
Of this [C]great [C/B]big [Am]onion;
[Bm7] Every [Em]single [Am]soul's,
Got to do their [F]share,
[C] Uh huh.

Verse 2:


So come [G]on,
Let's [F]knock on [C]every [G]door.
[F] Tell them [C]love,
Is the [G]answer,
[F] Whether they're,
[C] Rich or [G]poor,[G7] oh yeah.

Bridge 2:

For we don't [C]care,
What you do, how you [Cdim]look,
Or your status [Em]claim, baby.
(Valerie):[A7] No no.

Because [G]brothers and sisters,
[Em] From now on,
Is [F]gonna be everybody's [D]name, oh, [Eb]oh.

Chorus 3:

The [G#]world is [G#7]just a [C#]great [C#/C]big  [C#m]onion.


And pain and [G#]fear,
Are the [Fm]spices that make you [Bbm]cry. [Eb]
(Valerie):[Eb] Yes it is.
Oh, and the [G#maj7]only way to get [G#7]rid,
Of this [C#]great [C#/C]big  [G#m]onion;



Is to [Cm]plant [Fm]love [Bbm]seeds,
(Marvin): Now everybody,
Got to [Cm]plant [Fm]love [Bbm]seeds.
(Valerie): Come on and,
[Cm] Plant [Fm]love [Bbm]seeds,
(Marvin): Until it [F#]dies. [C#]


The [Ab]world is [Ab7]just,
A [C#]great [C#/C]big  [Ab]onion.


   [G]        [G7]        [C]        [C/B]        [Am] [Em] 
[EADGBE]320003  [EADGBE]323000  [EADGBE]x32010  [EADGBE]x20010  [EADGBE]x02210  [EADGBE]022000

   [D]       [Gmaj7]         [Bm7]        [F]       [Cdim]  [A7] 
[EADGBE]xx0232  [EADGBE]3x443x  [EADGBE]x24232  [EADGBE]133211  [EADGBE]xx1212  [EADGBE]x02223
   [D7]        [Eb]        [G#]        [G#7]        [C#] [C#/C] 
[EADGBE]xx0212  [EADGBE]6654xx  [EADGBE]466544  [EADGBE]464544  [EADGBE]x46664  [EADGBE]x3666x
   [G#m]        [Fm]        [Bbm]        [Cm]        [F#]  
[EADGBE]466444  [EADGBE]133111  [EADGBE]x13321  [EADGBE]x35543  [EADGBE]244322
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2007

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A7 Ab Ab7 Am Bbm Bm7 C C# C#/C C#m C/B Cdim Cm D D7 Eb Em F F# Fm G G# G#7 G#m G#maj7 G7 Gmaj7
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