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Song: Last Song Artist: Hale Album: Twilight Tabbed by: Paul Anthonie Antoc E-mail: Address: Mariveles,Bataan,Philippines contact #: 09184423602
Elow po sa mga friends ko sila Calvin,Jon,Otep,Emak,Aerol,Tuts.. at iba pa.. sa mga clasm8s ko sa MNHS(annex) IV-A.. mabuhay kayong lahat.. hehe Binabati ko rin si Maria Lourdes Vejar, HEHE.. wala lang.. HEHEHE!!
Gtr Legends: ~ - Let it ring / - slides x - dead note v - vibrato
Standard Tuning
Intro: e|-----8----------------| B|---8---8--------------| G|---------5------------| D|----------------------| A|----------------------| E|----------------------|
Verse 1: Guitar 1: F-G(strumming)3x Am-G
Guitar 2: e|------------------- ------------------| B|------------------- ------------------| G|--------555-------- --5~---4~---------| D|---333--555-------- 3x Then --7~---5~---------| A|---333--333-------- --7~---5~---------| E|---111------------- --5~---3~---------|
Verse 2: Guitar 1: F-G(strumming)3x Am-G
Guitar 2: e|-------------------------- -------------------------------| B|-----13-12-13v------------ -------------------------------| G|--12-----------555-------- -12121212/14141414/16161616----| D|---------------555-------- 3x Then -xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx----| A|---------------333-------- -10101010/12121212/14141414----| E|-------------------------- -------------------------------|
Guitar 1:Dm-Em-F 3x
Guitar 2: e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|--7777/9999/101010------| D|--xxxx/xxxx/xxxxxx------| 3x A|--5555/7777/888888------| E|------------------------|
Guitar 1:Am-G-F
Guitar 2: e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| D|--7777--5555--333333------| A|--7777--5555--333333------| E|--5555--3333--111111------|
Repeat Verse 1 & 2 Repeat Chorus 2x
Guitar 1: F-G-Am-G-C F-E7-Am-G-Dm-G--
Guitar 2: e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------5555---------------------7777---------| D|--3333-5555-7777-5555-5555-3333-2222-7777-5555-7777-55555---| A|--3333-5555-7777-5555-3333-3333-2222-7777-5555-5555-55555---| E|--1111-3333-5555-3333------1111-0000-5555-3333------33333---|
Chorus: (Strum once) Dm Am F e|--1-----1-------- ----3--1-----| B|--3--1--1-------- -1--3--1-----| G|--2--2--2-------- -2--0--2-----| D|--0--2--3-------- 3x Then -2--0--3-----| A|-----0--3-------- -0--2--3-----| E|--------1-------- ----3--1-----|
Outro: Am G F e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--------------------------| D|--777777-555555-333333----| A|--777777-555555-333333----| E|--555555-333333-111111----|
Last chord: F e|-------| B|-------| G|-------| D|--3----| A|--3----| E|--1----|
Last Song Lyrics:
Verse: I'm breathing the air I'm thinking of what you've done and said You crumpled my heart I was down on my knees
I'm hurting down inside Wondered if you still even cared I've cried all alone I'm done with all this tears
Chorus: I'm singing my last song I'm singing my last song I'm singing my last song For you..
Verse: I'm healing the wounds I'm staring at stars across my room My meaning is lost I'm bound for defeat
Discover me inside It' all just a memory left behind One day I'll fly So high above my feet
Repeat Chorus 2x
Bridge: And the first time Is the last thing I'm gonna make And the next in line Is the one that whose gonna break you
Repeat Chorus:
Coda: For you You… You…

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