Pipes Of Peace

Paul McCartney

  I light a candle to our love.
  In love our problems disap-pear
  but all in all we soon discover
  that one and one is all we long to hear.

All round the world,
little children being born to the world.
Got to give them all we can till the war is won,
then will the work be done.

Help them to learn
  songs of joy, instead of burn, baby, burn.
Am7 G#º Am G F
Let us show them how to play the pipes of peace.
Play the pipes of peace.  

Inter:(Am G F C Em Am G F Em)

Help them to learn
songs of joy, instead of burn, baby, burn.
Won't you show me how to play the pipes of peace?
Play the pipes of peace, uh, uh.

What do you say?
Will the human race be run in a day?
Or will someone save this planet we're playing on?
Is it the only one? What are we going to do?
Help them to see
that the people here are like you and me.
Let us show them how to play the pipes of peace.
Play the pipes of peace.

I light a candle to our love....
we long to  hear.          

A/B A/F# A9 Am B7sus4 Bm C C/B Dm Dm/C Dm/C# E E/G# Em F F#m7 F/G Fmaj7 G G/B G13
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