Everybody Knows Acoustic


Just the other day, I went and listened to mcfly's ACOUSTIC version of everybody knows, I'm almost positive that this is how they played it. To listen what I listened to, go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7JCrqTwVHc I think mcfly are brilliant. love them. :) mail me if you think there needs to be changes. I think I'm pretty darn close though. Oh, by the way, this is my very first tab!! :D AAAANDDD ***it helps to stat the strumming on almost everything from bottom to top. you start strumming on high e. this will make it sound better for sure***
INTRO: e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--11-22---xx---66-44---------11-22---xx---66-44----------------------------| D|--22-22---xx---66-44---------11-22---xx---66-44----------------------------| A|--22-00---xx---44-22---------22-00---xx---44-22----------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| (Play all of these OPEN to make it sound better.)
Verses: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--1111-2222-6666-4444--x--11-22---xx---66-44-------------------------------| D|--2222-2222-6666-2222--x--22-22---xx---66-44-------------------------------| A|--2222-0000-4444-2222--x--22-00---xx---44-22-------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 1)the sun is in the sky 2) So pour a coffee, put your clothes back and it is gonna be a glorious day on and tell me your name.
3) Now hearts are getting broken but I guess 4) We don't expect results because the kids it's what they call growing up. 'round here don't give a f***
(make these flow together. I just put the space in-between them so you can differentiate changes better)
e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--2~~~~---------4~~~~------------------------2~~~~---------4~~~~-----------| D|--2~~~~---------4~~~~------------------------2~~~~---------4~~~~-----------| A|--0~~~~---------2~~~~------------------------0~~~~---------2~~~~-----------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Nothing really matters, nothing really matters at all When all your dreams are shattered, everything is beautiful
nothing ever happens, they think we waste our lives but they're wrong, we're moving on, yeahh
(during this part above, do short strums. do the first chord until wrong where you move during that line. Then at "we're moving on", openly stum the first chord.)
(you can keep strumming instead of letting it ring if you want. It works well either way.)
CHORUS:: e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--11-22--xx--66-44----xx----11-22--xx--66-44-------------77777777-x-222-222---| D|--22-22--xx--66-44----xx----22-22--xx--66-44-------------77777777-x-222-222---| A|--22-00--xx--44-22----xx----22-00--xx--44-22-------------55555555-x-000-000---| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| (everybody knows) You know the ships going down (Everybody knows) Oooh, when Sailor Jerry's around (Everybody knows) We're gonna die in this town
The rest is all pretty much the same until the last chorus where the song changes key goes up. so you then play the last chorus like this::
LAST CHORUS:: e|---------x---------x---------x---------------------------------------------| B|---------x---------x---------x---------------------------------------------| G|-----44--x--88-66--x-----44--x--88-66----99999999----444--444--------------| D|--44-44--x--88-44--x--44-44--x--88-44----77777777----444--444--------------| A|--44-22--x--66-44--x--44-22--x--66-44----77777777----222--222--------------| E|--22-----x---------x--22-----x---------------------------------------------|
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================

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