Out Among The Stars

Merle Haggard

This great song was written by Adam Mitchel and performed by Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and countless bluegrass bands. I don't know if I have it in the same key because I chorded the song from a bluegrass version that I have.
OUT AMONG THE STARS It's (A) midnight at a liquor store in (D) Texas, Be-(A) neath the neon, close up's just be-(E7) gun. When a (A) boy walks in the door and points a (D) pistol (Bm), He can't (A) find a job, (E7 though, he's found a (A) gun.
Well he (A) pulls it off, no trace of confron-(D) ation, He (A) let's the old man run out in the (E) (E7) street. But he (A) knows that soon they'll come with guns a (D) blazing, (Bm) And al-(A) ready, he can (E) feel that great (A) relief.
(A) Oh how many travelers get (G) wea......-(D) ry, (A) Bearing both their burdens and their (E7) scars, (A) Don't you think they'd love to stop com-(G) plai.....-(D) ning, and (A) fly like eagles (E7) out among the (A) stars.
He (A) pictures the arrival of the (D) cruisers, Sees that (A) old, familiar anger in their (E7) eyes. He (A) knows that when they're shooting at this (D) loser, (Bm) They'll be (A) aiming at the (E7) demons in their (A) lives.
-Repeat Chorus-
The (A) evening news it carries all the (D) details, He (A) dies in every living room in (E7) town. And (A) in his home a bottle's thrown in (D) anger, (Bm) And his (A) father cries, (E7) "We'll never live this (A) down."
-Repeat Chorus- (D) Oh-Oh, and (A) fly like eagles (E7) out among the (A) stars.

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