Hotel Room Acoustic


I was messing around on guitar trying to write and played a familiar song. This is my version for acoustic. And also my first tab ever. Be nice :-)
Drop D Tuning
INTRO E|------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---5---------3---------7---------5--------5-------3-------7--5--3-| A|---3--(x4)---3--(x4)---7--(x4)---5--(x4)--3--(x4)-3-(x4)--7--5--3-| D|---x---------3---------7---------5--------x-------3-------7--5--3-|
Verse "I'm all alone in this hotel room......" E|-----------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------| D|-5------3--------7--------5--------------| x4 A|-3-(x2)-3--(x2)--7--(x2)--5--(x2)--------|
Prechrous "Guess I'm all alone again...." E|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------| D|--3--------5------------------| A|--3--(x8)--5--(x5)------------| D|--3--------5------------------|
Chrous "Do you think you know......" E|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|-----------------------------| D|-5--5--7--5------------------| (x2) I get creative with the strumming. A|-3--5--7--5------------------| D|-x--5--7--5------------------|
That's it very easy song...I'm working on the bridge not exactly sure about it yet.

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