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Will You Be There   Michael Jackson




 *from 'Dangerous' (1991)*




 D Em/D (x16)


 Verse 1:


 [D] Hold me,

 Like the [Em/D]River [D]Jordan,

 And [Em/D]I will then [D]say to thee;

 [Em/D] You are my [D]friend.[Em/D]


 Verse 2:


 [D] Carry me,

 Like [Em/D]you are my [D]brother,

 [Em/D] Love me like a [D]mother,

 [Em/D] Will you be [D]there?[Em/D]


 Verse 3:


 When [D]weary,

 Tell [Em/D]me will you [D]hold me?

 When [Em/D]wrong will you [D]scold me;

 When [Em/D]lost will you [D]find me?


 Verse 4:


 But they [D]told me;

 A [Em/D]man should be [D]faithful,

 And [Em/D]walk when not [D]able,

 [Em/D] And fight 'till the [D]end,

 But I'm only [Em/D]human.




 D Em/D (x16)


 Middle 8:


 [F] Everyone's,

 [Eb] Taking con-[D]trol of me,

 [F] Seems that the [Eb]world's,

 Got a [D]role for me.

 [F] I'm so conf[Eb]used,

 Will you [D]show to me;

 You'll be,

 You'll be [C]there for me,

 And [A]care enough to bear me?









 [E] (Hold me),

 [F#m/E] (Lay your head [E]lowly),

 [F#m/E] (Softly then [E]boldly),

 [F#m/E] (Carry me [E]there).[F#m/E]


 [E] (Lead me),

 [F#m/E] (Love me and [E]feed me),

 [F#m/E] (Kiss me and [E]free me),

 [F#m/E] (I will feel [E]blessed).[F#m/E]


 [F#] (Carry),

 [Abm/F#] (Carry me [F#]boldly),

 [Abm/F#] (Lift me up [F#]slowly),

 [Abm/F#] (Carry me [F#]there).[Abm/F#]


 [F#] (Save me),

 [Abm/F#] (Heal me and [F#]bathe me),

 [Abm/F#] (Softly you [F#]say to me);

 [Abm/F#] (I will be [F#]there).[Abm/F#]


 [Ab] (Lift me),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Lift me up [Ab]slowly),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Carry me [Ab]boldly),

 [Ab] (Show me you [Bbm/Ab]care).[Ab]


 [Ab] (Hold me),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Lay your head [Ab]lowly),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Softly then [Ab]boldly),

 [Ab] (Carry me [Bbm/Ab]there).[Ab]


 [Ab] (Need me),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Love me and [Ab]feed me),

 [Bbm/Ab] (Kiss me and [Ab]free me),

 [Ab] (I will feel [Bbm/Ab]blessed).[Ab]


 (Repeat to Fade)





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