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Whenever I Call You Friend  Michael Johnson

Whenever I [C#m]call [F#]you [Bm9]"friend", I be[Am7]gin to think I [D]under[G]stand

Anthing we [D/F#]are, [F#/A#]you and I have [Bm]always [E7]been [A]ever and ever

[D]I see myself with[C#m]in  [F#]your [Bm9]eyes, and that's [Am7]all I need to [D]show me [G]why
Everything I [D/F#]do,  [F#/A#]always takes me [Bm]home to [E7]you [A]ever and [B]ever

[B]Now I know my life has [C#/B]given me more than [F#/A#]memories

[Bbm]Day [Bb/D]by   [Ebm9]day, [Fm]we [Bb]can [Cm]see in every [Cm+]moment there's a [Cm6]reason to [F]carry [Bb]on [-]  [D9]

        [C]Sweet love [G/B]showin' us a [Am7]heavenly [G]light
        [C]I've never [G/B]seen such a [Am7]beautiful [G]sight
        [C]See the love [G/B]flowin' on us [Am7]every [G]night
        [C]I know for[G/B]ever we'll be [Am7]doin' it [G]right

Interlude: C - G/B - Am7 - G (3x) then C - G/B - Am (pause)

Whenever I [C#m]call [F#]you [Bm9]"friend", I be[Am7]lieve I've come to [D]under[G]stand
Everywhere we [D/F#]are, [F#/A#]you and I were [Bm]meant to [E7]be [A]ever and [D]ever[-]  [G]
[G]I think about the [F#m]times [B]to [Em9]come, knowing [Dm7]I will be the [G]lucky [C]one
Ever our [G/B]love will [B]last, I [Em]always wanna [A]call you [D9]"friend"

(Repeat Refrain 2x, ending with Am7 and "doin' it (2x)" the second time)

(Repeat Refrain transposed to G - D/F# - Em7 - D)

(Do first stanza chords until fade)

Dedicated to Stay :D

ronyu02 (at) yahoo (dot) com