Your Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All

Michelle Wright

 It's not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
 It's not the ring, I wear around my finger
 There's nothing in all the world I need
When I have you here beside me   
 Here beside me   

So you could give me wings to fly
And catch me if I fall
Or pull the stars down from the sky
So I could wish on them all
But I couldn't ask for more     
'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all           

In your arms
I found a strength inside of me
And in your eyes
There's a light to guide me
I would be lost without you
And all that my heart could ever want
Has come true

(chorus) (end on chord C)

 You could offer me the sun, the moon
And I would still believe
You gave me everything
When you gave your heart to me

(piano solo) (CHORDS: Eb Eb/G Ab -- Ab/C Bb/D (x2) )

 I couldn't ask for more   
'Cause your love is the greatest gift of all

(repeat chorus in Eb, three frets up, tag last line twice, then finish with opening riff)

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