Cash Or Clash


Intro B F# x3 B F# E(high) F#(high) B pre chorus E(high) B F#(high) B E(high) B F#(high) chorus B E F# B Bridge G# B x 2 im not gonna write how many times to play each note cos it would take to long and its to figure it out h=hammer on Solo
e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| b--4-2--4---4---2-----------------------4----5---2----4----4---2---------------------| g--------------------3---3--4h---3--4h-----------------------------3---3-4h--3--4----|h d------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| a------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| e------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
for the part where mathias and erik are screaming fear the chords r the exact same as chorus and the lead guitar is playing a B over the top All in all a quite easy song but its still an awesome song i couldnt stop singing it i first heard it. Mickey Dodge

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