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te: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:06:36 -0700
Well, my third tab! :) This is yet ANOTHER Nintendo tab. Please finger pick it if you can.. It's good training. You wouldn't belive how fingerpicking can increase your abilities. Yes, finger picking even helps you to shred a lot better... well, I'll cut my bullshit on this one. Just play it and lemme' know. I got a request for this. Only one, but I like the sound of it... It sounds very classical and sad in ways... It's a beautiful piece from one of my favorite games. Well, Enjoy it and have fun! :) By the way, This is from Final Fantasy "1" for the NES...
I play this on my acoustic, due to my guitar being in the shop. But I did play it on my electrics, It sonuds great with some delay and chorusing... Clean.. Getting to sound sorta crystal-like you can say. It's pretty! :)
------------------- Final Fantasy Music -------------------
e:--0------3-------|--------0---1----|--0--------------|-----------------| b:-----------------|--3--------------|-----3---1-------|-----------------| g:---------0-------|--------0--------|---------0-------|---------0-------| D:-----2-------2---|-----0------0----|-----2-------2---|-----2-------2---| A:--3--------------|--2--------------|--0--------------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--3--------------|
e:-5---------------|-3------0---1----|-0---------------|-----------------| b:-----------------|----3------------|-----------------|-----------------| g:-----------------|-----------------|-------0---------|--------3--------| D:---------3-------|----0---3---0----|----2------2-----|-----2------2----| A:------3------3---|-----------------|-3---------------|--2--------------|
e:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--0--------------| b:-1---------------|--------0--------|-----------------|--------1--------| g:---------2-------|------------2----|-0---------------|--------0--------| D:-----2------2----|--0--4--0--------|-----0--2---3----|-----2------2----| A:-0---------------|------------3----|-2---5------5----|--3--------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|--------3--------|-----------------|
Bb5 Part end G e:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| b:--3--------------|-----1------3----|-1---------------|-0-----1--3------| g:--------3--------|--------3--------|-----------------|-----------------| D:-----3------3----|-----3------0----|----0--3--0------|----0--3--0------| A:--1--------------|--1--------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-3---------------|-3---------------|
Back to begining if you want... Then go to where the Bb5 is, to end it, just play..
(this is after the Bb5 part)
G7 C e:--3--------------|-------| b:--3---------0----|--1----| g:--4---------5----|--0----| D:--3--------------|--2----| A:--5---------2----|--3----| E:--3--------------|-------|
X = muffled string ------- = strings \ = slide down guitar / = slide up guitar h = hammer-on p = pull-off t = tap with right hand (pick hand) b = bend to the note specified (1/2 note is the same as 1 fret)
Sean Connolly The Heart of Hell BBS - 717-343-7604 -- MANY Music related/tab files.

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