A Heaven Of My Own

Misc. Unsigned Bands

Main riff Intro/verse
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B ------11---------11--------11-------11---------11--------11-------11---------11-----------| G ---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10---10----------| D 12---------12--------12---------12--------13--------13------13---------13-----------------| A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
If ever there was, a time, when I could be glad It would be one of the times when I am with you ‘Cause believe me when I say this, you are My sun, my stars, my clear blue sky and I I just know, I have a heaven of my own
E -------------------------------------------| (x2) B -----6-------6--------6-------6-----------| G ---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5-----------| D 7--------7--------8-------8----------------| A -------------------------------------------| E -------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------| B ------4-------4-------4------4-------6-------6-------6-------6-----------| G ---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---------| D 5--------5--------5-------5-------7-------7-------7-------7--------------| A -------------------------------------------------------------------------| E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Cause if ever there was a time when we could settle down And find a way, to be ourselves, that would be…

Main riff
And I just like, the way you look at me And I just adore, how you are when you're with me It makes me feel that I have found what everyone is looking for But maybe that's because I have, You are a heaven of my own
‘Cause if ever there was a time, when I could find a way To be myself, and just relax, that would be
Main Riff
But maybe, I've just gone crazy And maybe, it's just a dream But no matter how, I look at things Even if I'm not meant to be with you I still enjoy the fact that I am And I still want to take the time To tell you just how I feel
You are a heaven of my own I have a heaven of my own A heaven of my own A heaven of my own (Slow down) Mhmm, A heaven of my own

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