American Zombie

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American Zombie By As Tall As A Tree 2008 Standard Tuning Novice Punk Lyrics At Bottom Of Page
Riff e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------| D|----7--77--7--77--7--77-------------------------------------| A|----5--55--5--55--5--55--5--55--5--55--5--55----------------| E|-------------------------3--33--3--33--3--33----------------|
Riff (Con't) e|-----------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------| A|--9--99--9--99--9--99---3333333----------------------------| E|--7--77--7--77--7--77---1111111----------------------------|
Chorus e|----------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------| D|------------77--7--777------------------------7-----------|
A|--999--555--55--5--555--999--555--33--3--333--5-----------| E|--777--333--------------777--333--11--1--111--------------|
Order: Riff x6 Chorus Riff x2 Chorus
American Zombie:
Human flesh is what we crave We're dead outside But inside we thrive You mother Fuckers cant hides Cause we're American Zombies Ohhhh Whoaaaaa Ohhh! American Zombies This City Runs In Fear As We Pace These Coblestone Streets Dont Scream Baby Cause It'll Be The Last Breath You Take Cry Child Cry Cause We're American Zombies Ohhhh Whoaaaaa Ohhhh! American.......... Zombies

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