Ode To Joy®
I left the background on this page blank so that if anyone wants to print our tabs they can go ahead and do it, just please make sure you get our permission before you post them anywhere else. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E--|-------------------------------------------------| B--|-----3-3-3-3-----3-3-3-3-----3-3-3-3-----3-3-3-3-| G--|----0---------0------------2------------0--------| D--|---2---------2------------2----------------------| A--|--3---------3------------0-----------2-----------| E--|------------------------------------3------------|
This last part is played (4x)
C, C, C, C, Em, Em, Em, Em, A, A, A, G, G, G, G <-played (4x)
C, C, C, C, Em, Em, Em, Em, A, A, A, Em, Em, Em, Em
C, C, C, C, Em, Em, Em, Em, A, A, A, G, G, G, G
Chorus is played (2x)
E--|----------------------------------------| B--|----3-3-3-3----3-3-3-3----3-3-3-3-----3-| G--|---0----------0----------2-----------0--| D--|--2----------2----------2---------------| A--|-3----------2----------0------------2---| E--|-----------------------------------3----|
E3 strummed 2nd time
This is my band. This song is one of ours. To check for accuracy, just go to our website www.somekindofhero.bravepages.com. You will find all of our songs are tabbed out under music. All of the songs should be accurate because I tabbed them out, and I am the guitar player for this band.

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