Rock Candy


TITLE: Rock Candy GROUP: Montrose ALBUM: Montrose
D A 4x ||-----------------------------2-------|| ||-----------------------------3---2---|| ||*----------------------------2---2--*|| ||*-----2----------2-------2---0---2--*|| ||---------------2-----------------0---|| ||-0-3b----0-3-4------0-3b-------------||
(verse) E E repeat thru chorus ||---------0-----------------------0-----------------|| ||---------0------3----------------0-----------------|| ||*--------1---/4---4/2p0----------1----------------*|| ||*--------2--------------2--------2-------------0--*|| ||---------2-----------------------2---------0-2-----|| ||---0--0--0-----------------0--0--0---0-3-4---------|| ^----------^ ^----------^ * *
the riffs above marked with a (*) are the first two used in the tune. i'm not going to do a bar for bar, note for note transcription here. this is an excellent tune for aspiring rockers to experiment with licks in the open position, key of E. some other ideas you might try:

|--3p0----------|---------------|---------3---| |------3p0------|---------------|-----3-----5-| |----------2-0--|---------------|-2/4---4-----| |---------------|-2p0-----------|-------------| |---------------|-----2-1-0-----|-------------| |---------------|-----------3b--|-------------|
etc. just pick the open E string twice, strum up on an open E chord, and play a lick. with a little sinceriy and a heckuva lotta tone, something as simple as this has sold lots of records. stepping down from my soapbox-
the chorus is equally simple:
A E |----------------------------------------------------------------0-| |---------------2---2-------3----3-----5----5-----3----3---------0-| |---------------2---2--------------------------------------------1-| |---------------2---2-------4----4-----5----5-----4----4---------2-| |---------------0---0-----0----0-0---0----0-0---0----0-0---------2-| |---------------------------------------------------------3b-0-0-0-|
You're Rock Candy baby...
Sammi is God!!!!!

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