Morten Harket

In the dark space   
When I close my eyes
 I see your face shining
  Like the moon in the night
and I must tell you,
 From my heart
I've been waiting my time, My love,
all over the world

RIFF: Gmaj Am

 you're with me; with me, with me,
oh with me, you're with me, Where ever I go   

 Remember who you're on the back of  
riding through the human race     
 Crossing these rivers of memories 
 Girl, you've got sunshine on your face

You're with me, you're with me, with me,
you're with me, you're with me Where ever I go

 Time,   time's like a slow rising wave
 Gathering, gathering up nights and days
 and I feel, I feel I'm at the moment when it breaks
Yes I feeeel we're at the moment when it breaks

 You're with me,  with me, with me,
you're with me, you're with me..
 Riding through you every night  
 You're with me, with me, with me,

you're with me, you're with me..  and in our window there is light  

F#maj Gmaj Am Amaj x3

acordes por Mandy.
Los acordes los saqué observando como Morten toca la cancion
Asi que no hay pierde.
Si tienen dudas o comtnarios, pongalos.

Am Amaj F#maj Gmaj
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