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Green Tinted Sixties Mind Acoustic  Mr. Big

        [D5]            [E5]            [A9]            [G/D]           [E/G#]            [Bsus4]                
    e |-0-|     e |-0-|     e |-0-|     e |-x-|     e |-x-|     e |-2-|
    B |-0-|     B |-0-|     B |-0-|     B |-3-|     B |-5-|     B |-5-|
    G |-7-|     G |-9-|     G |-2-|     G |-4-|     G |-4-|     G |-4-|
    D |-7-|     D |-9-|     D |-2-|     D |-5-|     D |-2-|     D |-4-|
    A |-5-|     A |-7-|     A |-0-|     A |-5-|     A |-x-|     A |-2-|
    E |-x-|     E |-0-|     E |-x-|     E |-x-|     E |-4-|     E |-x-|

A#m7/B5 E/D or E/D E/C#
    e |-0-|     e |-4-|     e |-4-|     e |-0-|
    B |-2-|     B |-5-|     B |-5-|     B |-0-|
    G |-1-|     G |-4-|     G |-4-|     G |-1-|
    D |-2-|     D |-x-|     D |-0-|     D |-2-|
    A |-1-|     A |-5-|     A |-x-|     A |-4-|
    E |-x-|     E |-x-|     E |-x-|     E |-x-|

Intro: E Esus4 D5 E5 E Esus4 A9

[E]She j[Esus4]ust woke u[D5]p, but [E5]she's still t[E]ired[Esus4]
Is that the tel[D5]ephone rin[E5]ging?
[E]The c[Esus4]urtains c[D5]an't hold b[E5]ack the li[E]ght  [Esus4]
That's reaching[E/D] into her dreams
[C#m7]Down in her heart
[E]If it had [B]fingers, it'd be t[G/D]earing it a[D]part
[E]You be lookin' groovy, [F#m]in a sixties movie
[E/G#]Maybe tell the press you d[A]ied
[C#m7]Little legend baby, [Bsus4]try your very best to [A#m7/B5]hide
A g[A]reen-tinted [B]sixties [E]mind [Esus4]         [D5]      [E5]      [E]     [Esus4]        [A9]
[E]She k[Esus4]eeps some [D5]memories [E5]locked aw[E]ay   [Esus4]
But they are a[D5]lways es[E5]caping
[E]neclg[Esus4]ect won't [D5]make them [E5]fade awa[E]y    [Esus4]
They're reaching [E/D]into her dreams
[C#m7]Down in her heart
[E]Don't need f[B]ingers to be [G/D]tearing it ap[D]art,   YEAH!
[E]Gotta face the day, there [F#m]is no other way
To c[E/G#]lear the fog inside your [A]mind
[C#m7]Fill it up with dreams, but [Bsus4]all that she can seem to [A#m7/B5]find
A [A]green-tinted [B]sixties [E]mind
Solo : E E/C# E/D B B/A B/G# B/G F#
4/4 5/8 3/4 4/4
[E]Hangin' out with Janis, [F#m]movin' to Atlantis

[E/G#]Could've made it if you [A]tried

[C#m7]What's the point of force, it's [Bsus4]easy as a horse to [A#m7/B5]ride
A [A]green-tinted [B]sixties [E]            ...mind
[E]You be looking groovy, [F#m]in a sixties movie
[E/G#]Maybe tell the press you [A]died
[C#m7]Little legend baby, [Bsus4]try your very best to [A#m7/B5]hide
A [A]green-tinted s[B]ixties [E]mind
[E]     [Esus4]         [D5]      [E5]      [E]     [Esus4]     [D5] [E5] 
[E]You c[Esus4]an't hide[D5]...   [E5]   No [E]you c[Esus4]an't     [E]
All right folks, this is far from a easy song, just keep on practicing for those
retarded chords and you'll make it. Just notice that Paul Gilbert picks 3 strings
between the Esus4 and the A9. And don't forget to make it a big finish on the E
major (the last chord). Keep on rockin

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A A9 B Bsus4 C#m7 D D5 E E/D E/G# E5 Esus4 F#m G/D
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