Out On The Weekend

Neil Young

 Think I'll pack it in and buy a pick-up
 Take it down to L.A.
 Find a place to call my own and try to fix up
 start a brand new day

 The woman I'm thinking of, she loved me all up
 but I'm so down today
 She's so fine she's in my mind I hear her calling     

 See the lonely boy out on the weekend
 trying to make it pay
 Can't relate to joy he tries to speak and
 can't begin to say                  

 She got pictures on the wall,they make me look up 
 from her big brass bed [A}
 Now I'm runnin down the road  tryin to stay up somewhere in her head 

 The woman I'm thinkin of she  loved me all upbut I'm so down today
 She's so fine, she's in my mind  I hear her callin'      

  See the lonely boy out on the weekend,tryin to make it pay
 Can't relate to joy he tries to speak and can't begin to say

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A Bm Bm7 C#m D E E7 Esus F#7
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Fairstar (report comment to admin):
Some errors ! I have original sheet music and have played this with harp in pubs and bars for many years.

Corrections - Chorus : ([A]see the lonely boy) [Bm7/A] out on the weekend [Dmaj7/A] tryin' to make it pay [A] can't relate to joy [Bm7/A] he tries to speak and [Dmaj7/A] can't begin to say [A]

Then harp solo goes A Bm E7 Bm E7 C#m F#7 Bm E7 ......

I've always transposed this +5 semitones to :- (better pitch 4 me + easier chords)

Verse : D Em A D Em.

Chorus : D Em7 Gmaj7 D Em7 Gmaj7 D

Harp solo : D Em A7 Em A7 F#m B7 Em A7

Great song - enjoy