These Are The Fables

New Pornographers

In coral and gray, in submarine chambers, one day, it swam for the light
To those that live, the cities that float there, cities and circles drawn
D Bm D E (E G D)-hold
Perfect, complete, holding the secrets on my street, my street, my street

Verse 2:
So come in and play, the song of the siren, its commonplace, you hear the
Voice rise, in one wave, and crash on your doorstep, making the circle here
 Perfect, complete, these are the fables on my street         
Bridge (play each chord once):
 Ten thousand dancing girls kicking cans cross the sky, no reason why
 Why ask prepare yourself for the call of the wild, you found this child
So raise him

Verse 3:
And wind your way back, come back to the river, the currents be by, in
 Hope and then fear, hammer comes down so hard on the evening, packing
The dawn of your days on repeat, these are the fables on my street
G D)-hold
My street, my street

Verse 4:
 Heaven shown hell, and down from its pockets, and ringing your bell it
 Fell through your hands; hang at your feet, the doors that won't open
 Mocking the journey of our friend, complete, these are the fables on

Chorus/ outro
   My street, my street                                     
 (My streetmy street  Layla don't worry, you're not alone) x2

end on G

-Cheers and buy Twin Cinema!!! (John Baer)

A Am Bm C C#m D E F#m G
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