Nine Inch Nails

"THE BECOMING" -Nine Inch Nails
~Hello, this is my first attempt of tab i noticed that no one really try's for the intro ..only the acoustic part in the middle i dont have the exact on-tune beat i Show you were its around so you can figure the BEAT out for yourself... so i pass what i to you ..hopefully it helps. (also sounds good on BASS)
[] -maybe thats in there/ play around and listen to see
(slightly muffed) (repeat) e--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b--------------------------------------------------------------------------| g--------------------------------------------------------------------------| d--------------------------------------------------------------------------| a---------------------------1-3-4-[3]--------------------------------------| E---3-3-3-3---4-3-1-1-3-4-3-----------4-3-3-3-[3]-4-1-1-[1]----------------|
~Acoustic (middle part)
(x4) (x4) (x4) (x4) (x4) (x4) (x4) (repeat) e---3-------1----x----x------1---------1------x--x----------------------| b---3-------1----5----3------1----5----1------x--x----------------------| g---4-------2----5----3------2----5----2------x--x----------------------| d---5-------3----5----3------3----5----3------x--x----------------------| a---5-------3----3----1------3----3----3------x--x----------------------| E---3-------1----------------1---------1------x--x----------------------|
Hope it works out for you, Djayco

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