Instant Crassic


Song: Instant Crassic Artist: NoFX Album: Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
Standard E tuning Intro:
E----------------| B----------------| G-12-12-12121212-| D-12-12-12121212-| x8 A-10-10-10101010-| E ---------------|
E-----------------------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------------------| G-12-12-1212121211-11-111111119—-9—-9-9-9-9-9—-9-—9-9-9-9---| D-12-12-1212121212-12-121212129—-9—-9-9-9-9-10-10-10101010--| A-10-10-101010109—-9—-9-9-9-9-7—-7—-7-7-7-7-10-10-10101010--| E-------------------------------------------8—-8—-8-8-8-8---|
E---------------8—-8—-8-8-8-8-------------------| B---------------8—-8—-8-8-8-8-------------------| G-9—-9—-9-9-9-9-8—-8—-8-8-8-8-12-12-12121212-12-| D-10-10-1010101010-10-1010101012-12-12121212-12-| x2 A-10-10-1010101010-10-1010101010-10-10101010-10-| E-8—-8-—8-8-8-8-8—-8—-8-8-8-8-------------------|
Just play the intro riff then the verse like it says, the repeats are on the side, and the whole song. On the second time around on the verse, let last G chord ring 2 beats pickslide, and then just play the verse again as it fades out if you'd like.

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