Story About A Girl

Our Lady Peace

Author/Artist: Our Lady Peace Title: A Story About A Girl Album: Gravity Tuning: Standard Half Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb) Transcribed by: Izzy
This is a great emo song off 'Gravity'. I think it oughta be their next single.
~~~ = Vibrato (no.) = Natural harmonic b(no.) = Bend note to match pitch of (no.) r = release bent note to original pitch h = Hammer on p = Pull off x = Fret Hand mute / = Slide down
Intro riff (Clean electric, let ring)
-------------------------------|------------------3----------------| -------------------------------|-----------------------------------| -----5-----4----5-----4-----5--|------5-----4------------5-----4---| x2 -------3-----3----3-----3------|----5---5-----5------5-----5-------| ---5-----5-----5----5-----5----|--3-------3-----3------3-----3-----| -3-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
there is a slight variation on the third time at the end of this riff:
-------------------------------|------------------3----------------| -------------------------------|-----------------------------------| -----5-----4----5-----4-----5--|------5-----4------------4-----5---| -------3-----3----3-----3------|----5---5-----5------5-----5-------| ---5-----5-----5----5-----5----|--3-------3-----3------3-----3-----| -3-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
Verse (Clean electric, hit the lower bass notes louder)
-------------------|-------------------------| -------------------|-------------------------| -------------------|-------------------------| --5-5-x-x-5-5-x-x--|--7/--3-3-x-x-3-3-x-x-3--| x4
--5-5-x-x-5-5-x-x--|--7/--3-3-x-x-3-3-x-x-3--| --3-3-x-x-3-3-x-x--|--5/--1-1-x-x-1-1-x-x-1--| G A F
Prechorus is divided into 2 parts:
Guitar 1 (Clean electric) plays intro riff x2 Guitar 2 (Dirty/distorted electric) plays verse riff x2
Chorus (exact rhythm not included, has some palm muting)
-------------------------------------------------| ---------1---------------------------------------| --5------2---------------------------------------| --5------2-----3-----5------------x--5/3--3------| x2 --3------0-----3-----5------------x--5/3--3------| --3------------1-----3---(pause)--x--3/1--1------| G/C Am F G F
Post 1st chorus riff
Guitar 1 (Dirty/distorted electric)
---------------x--------------x------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x---8b(10)--6h8p6--6~~-6~~~-6/-| --10h12--10h12-x-10h12--10h12-x------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x------------------------------|
---------------x--------------x--------------------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x---8b(10)--6h8p6--6~~-6b(8)r6---6-----------| --10h12--10h12-x-10h12--10h12-x------------------------------7---7--4b5r4/-| ---------------x--------------x--------------------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x--------------------------------------------| ---------------x--------------x--------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 (Dirty/distorted electric) plays the verse twice.
I'll update this tab for the rest of the song soon, cuz i'm not a good lead guitar player, and this song too many licks going in the background. Also, there's a solo somewhere, so I'll need more time. But you can with these parts for now!

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