Paradise Lost

Eternal by Paradise Lost from the album Gothic Tabbed (sort of) by Dermot Frost
This is the song minus the solo 'cause every time Gregor plays this the solo is different.
The chords written above the stave are the standard power chords. If roman numerals appear eg Gx it means (x=10) 10th fret G power chord The Q and E in figs 4&5 refer to quarter and eigth notes respectively
Rhy Fig 1 Gx Giii A# A Gx Giii A# A Gx Giii A# A Riff A e|------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------15-------------------- G|-12-------------------12------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------10---12-12-11-11-----12--- -15-15-14-14-- A|----10----13-13-12-12---------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------
Rhy Fig 2 (each of these chords is played 4 times for each note in the lead) F# A Riff B e|-------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------- G|-------14---13-----------11----------- D|--11------------11---14------14---13-- A|-------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------
Rhy Fig 3 C# Evii G# Riff C e|-----------------------------------------11---- B|--------------------------------------12----12- G|-----13--------13---------13------13----------- D|-11---------11---------11---------------------- A|-----------------------------------------------
Rhy Fig 4 (both guitars) Evii C F# Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE
Rhy Fig 5 (both guitars) A F B Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE Q EE
Fill 1 Gx Giii A# A Giii
e|-15----------------------- B|------12---15-15-13-13-12- G|-------------------------- D|-------------------------- A|-------------------------- E|--------------------------
Song Structure
Rhy Fig 1 + Riff A Rhy Fig 2 + Riff B X2 Rhy Fig 3 + Riff C X2 Rhy Fig 2 + Riff B X2 with verse 1 Rhy Fig 3 + Riff C X2 with pre chorus Rhy Fig 1 + Riff A with chorus 1 Rhy Fig 4 X2 Rhy Fig 5 X2 Rhy Fig 2 + Riff B X2 with verse 2 Rhy Fig 3 + Riff C X2 Rhy Fig 1 + Riff A with chorus 2 Rhy Fig 4 X2 Guitar Solo Rhy Fig 5 X2 Guitar Solo Rhy Fig 2 X2 with Riff B second time Rhy Fig 3 + Riff C X2 Rhy Fig 1 + Riff A with chorus 1 Fill 1 -- Who are you to criticize, to judge and burn the tribes? Andreas Kisser The world will be extinct and your flesh will rot with mine. Sepultura Dermot Frost aka Nomad

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